Hell No!


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author's Comments:

Anyways, i had to get some more rest today and catch up with school work so i didn't go to my internship today.

This page is really funny to me. And my favorite part is Haruhi lashing back at Rei.
Haruhi hasn't told Minako about him yet O.o emm... Not good!

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Rei really isn't gonna win this argument. He may aswell do a tactical withdrawal and try again without being a dick about it.

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I do wonder that is Hinori bisexual or pansexual? Is she really a he(transgender) or is the fact that Hinori looks like a boy do to Haruhi. I know that being identitied as the wrong gender is damaging mentally and physically so if Haruhi is the cause then he's not protecting he's abusing.

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@renchikolul: I'm 99.99% sure she's got split personality. It has nothing to do with being transgender because your 2nd personality is an entirely different person.

So while she may be bi/pan/polysexual, she's probably not transgender.

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@Tanako: yes while complications will araise from the whole HAru Hino idenity crissis we are in i have a feeling Minako once she learns the truth will be a lot more accepting of things as they are then Hinori's mother or Rei , I knw I'm putting a lot of faith in MInako but so far she warrents such faith , as to rei I'm going to have to side with Maru on this one dipshit you can assume any one person is hetero or homo or even Bi sexual and un til you ask Hinori if she digs grils keep your big fat nose out of haru's buisness but seeing as you are loathsome, vile, wretched and repugnant excuse for a man I have no doubts you are going to be following Haruhi on this date

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@renchikolul: Cynxcity is right. Hinori and Haruhi are two totally different people. Things that Haruhi do is not known to Hinori and thing's that Hinori do is not known to Haruhi. hinori is unaware of Haruhi's attraction to women, she just thinks Haruhi is a threat and wants to get rid of him. But as for sexual preference, i can't say too much on that because i don't want to give away spoilers but that's something we will find out as the story progresses.

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At best Haruhi/Hinori is a tomboy or feminine tomboy i like the character regardless of sexual orientation.

I hope Minako is accepting or even the same orientation.
I don't want to see Minako's heart broken.

I also don't want to see Minako turn into a Yandere type that would be scary.

I was hoping Rei would be thrown out of the room act least because Haruhi is changing cloths.

For some reason i got the felling Rei is going to do more damage then good by going around telling everyone if he doesn't get his way.

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@Quadrant: absolutely right. I think so too.

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@Neko Hime: I like the fact that you feel that way towards the main character. I also alike haruhi because when I create characters I usually go for the well attractive type of girls and haruhi sure did break that theme. I do believe she is one of the most complex characters I’ve created so far, at least no the cliché appearance and personality I go for.

As for Minako, she seems like a kind-hearted person. I also hope she doesn’t get to treat haruhi bad if she does find out about him.

Rei can’t really be thrown out because haruhi does not believe himself to be a female. But if Rei does get thrown out it would be because of privacy and not gender difference.

Rei tell every one about Haruhi sexuality could be a possibility knowing the kind of person he is. He seems like a “must have it my way” type of guy.

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@Comichero: Lol I bet he wished he was the one on a date with Hinori. Too bad she’s hidden.
I know it seems like there are parts left unexplained to this comic but that’s because it’s gradually growing. Because as of right now we are kind of getting an idea of who haruhi and Rei is and what they mean to each other but as for Hinori and Rei I am yet to establish that and don’t worry, it will come soon.

Like you said about Minako, I really hope she is accepting because as of right now, no one likes haruhi, not Rei, Hinori and not Yoko (Hinori’s mother) and their mission is to get rid of him.

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@Tanako: NOt true I love HAuhi He seems like a breat guy if people gave him the chance to be so

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@Tanako: I thought Hinori likes Haruhi or did i forget something.

Reintegration or removing one personality from a person with DID is more difficult or even dangerous thing to do.

I am sure Coexistence would be doable for Haruhi/Hinori.

Yes a lot of people go for the attractive type of characters.

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Uh Rei this maybe considered a lost cause for now?

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@Neko Hime: she did at a point but these two pages she sounds concern and wants Rei to help her get rid of Haruhi
Coexistence is doeable but who wants to live like that? I mean I would
Like to be in control of my body. It will be very devastating if you were at home and all of a sudden you wake up in someones house half naked with booze on your hand. So i don't know, and i don't blame her for wanting to get rid of him.

@Casey 1988: yeah, he's just a silly guy. if he really was serious he wouldn't have approached Haruhi in that manner.

@Comichero: hmm, yea maybe...

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@Tanako: Yeah i forgot about that.

Now that i think about it i have a Minor case of DID myself but that only happens when i am blacked out and really really truly angry i don't remember anything that transpired or i remember it differently because my mind lies to me or alters it for my own well being or other people lie to me for my own well being.

I have only had that happen 4 times however it is really hard to make me truly angry but my other half has never hurt someone i cared for but will protect them.

Tanako would you be willing too Kill off part of yourself?

The second personality or however many other personalities are part of yourself somewhere deep inside you.

However over time these personalities have developed more and it makes it harder and harder for a person to accept that this personality is part of them rather then a separate entity.

I don't blame Hinori but she seems to be running away again. You can't all ways run especially from yourself you can only numb yourself.

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@Neko Hime: Oh that’s interesting. What’s ur other personality’s name? or does he/she have a name?
emm… that’s a though question. I don’t know if I can kill part of myself but I would
Like to control her/him especially if they are getting out of hand. But honestly, I’ll learn to live with it because it’s a part of me. Hinori just doesn’t understand that yet.

Yes, she is defiantly trying to escape reality just like she did when her brother died and her father walked away and blames Rei or not being there. She doesn’t understand that haruhi is also her. Lol I’ll stop here because I don’t want to give out spoilers (o_O)

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@Tanako: i don't think it has a name but it is more a less a rage monster/it i guess.

Yeah i think a lot of us can get pretty close to hitting the nail on the head.

the story is something you really want to talk about it but can't because of spoilers.

For some reason i see you at being terrible at keeping most secrets Tanako.

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@Neko Hime: you thought wrong lol. I'm not terrible at keeping secret at all. Matter of fact, I'm the mother of all secrets. It won't make sense in giving you guys the juice when my main motive is keeping my readers motivated and interested in what I have to say, that's all.

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