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Again, here is Rei with his bad attitude towards Haruhi. he dosent understand that thats not how to approach someone with a disorder. lol i'm very excited to see how this all turns out.

Halloween was fun. i went to the bar with a friend and it was popping! hope every one had fun during halloween because i know i was WAISTED! LOL.

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Have to give Rei a medal for winning 1st place on the 'How to fuck a situation up' competition.

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I understand that sometimes all you can do with someone and there disorder is sit back watch it burn. Kind of like a tire fire. I know. I have a brother who has Bipolar disorder and during the worst of times you just have to let things burn.

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sheesh this will never end well X_X

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Rei is Mr.useless with a bad attitude.

I went to a halloween party at my BFF house like i have done for the past few years since passing out candy and trick or treating is disappearing.
I had fun with my really tall gf she is a 1ft and 2 inches taller then me and she was a vampire witch.
I didn't win the costume contest at the party however my sempai did with a milk maid outfit i made her and with a added self cooling self filling milk dispenser with little guns her husband made. I watched one of the two CG movies my BFF made and i voiced in both. I also ate a lot of candy and was on sugar high and still got candy left over which will last till December maybe longer

@Tanako: I hope you got a cab or had a designated driver to take you home.

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God Rei is so full of failure He could be considered and disater zone by FEMAI kinda hope he get hit by a bus

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@Quadrant: lol yea, thats funny

casey 1988: yea I totally understand what you mean. I also have a close friend with a similar disorder Hinori has and its really hard to reason with the person.

@Derohk: I guess so. Rei is totally wrong for what he's saying. He needs to learn about the disorder before he starts attacking Haruhi.

@Neko Hime: wow you got candy nice. i personally don't care much for candy. i wish i did but i don't. Sometimes i buy like a snicker bar and don't finish eating it, sometimes it stays like a week+ in my fridge and i don't eat it. i don't know what is with me and candy but i don't care for it lol i guess its just sweets in general i don't care for.

And yes, i wasn't driving. i don't drink and drive. Thanks for the concern <3
@Comichero: lol he is full of failure, he just needs to learn about the disorder before he's able to help instead of attacking Haruhi. What a shame.

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@Tanako: everyone likes sweets too a extent just not everyone likes sweet sweets some like the bitter kind others like more unique kinds like the spicy ones. i make all my own sweets so all the candy was home made plus i can make any kind of sweet even my own version of name brand candy which are all ways better or so i have been told.

i didn't have to make any big candy like i did last year that was difficult because of having to make the molds i made a chocolate woman with chocolate clothing that was 6ft tall and i also made a 3ft tall gummy rabbit which would be 2ft without the ears.

Well i better get back to bed unfortunately i have gotten sick but luckily i don't have a fever and hope it stays that way but certain things coming out my nose and mouth at the same time quickly is not fun.

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@Neko Hime: oh that's interesting how you can make candy. Did you teach yourself? Or did someone teach you?
I like gummy bear because its sweet but not too an extreme.

i wish i knew how to make sweets that would save money during Halloween. Because you have to give candy to the little children that come to the door for trick or treat.

That's weird because i am also fighting a bad cold right now. i haven't gone to work in two days because of it. A lot of ppl are getting sick and i don't know what's causing it. Maybe the weather? That's the only thing i can think of. Well take care of yourself.

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