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Finally on a date together, that's what you guys always wanted :D
i think Minako is catching feelings ha ha...
And oh, i luv the woman in with the red hair on the phone. Her face is epic lol

Anyways, i have taken it upon myself to learn HTML and CSS because i have decided to build an online e commerce shop and i must say it is looking DANM good.
Right now i can't say too much about it because it's still in the making process but i must say i am loving every bit of it. For someone who has always wanted to learn coding, I am teaching myself and it's a pain in the butt, but it's also turning out just fine :D so i will keep you guys updated on the status of the shop and i'm very positive you guys will absoutly LOVE it and my merchandise<3 STAY TUNED!

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I feel really bad for him he is a creation that wants life. I think to a piont Haruhi uses the excuse of protecting to be able to exist. Now those who know hes techniclly not real want to get rid of him. i can understand why but i also feel for him

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Tanaka dear, I'm still free to do script editing if you need me to.

Oh and just so you know love:
Martial not Marcial
Yeah not Yea [yea is used in oral voting]
They're not There
Laughs not Laughts

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Actuallty, my dear daisy I want them to hug and make out and s tart a real relationship but all in the future perhaps we will see.

but I'm happy to hear you enjoy the silliness so much and I enjoy making you smile and laugh too

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@renchikolul: yea i agree with you, i think he wants that. i wonder how Hinori is going to take all this when she finds out. Not to mention Minkao doesn't really know who he is.

@akudemi: oh yeah definitely, i just haven't gotten time to send you some pages. But i may have you look through some old pages once more. I'm working very slow on it because I've been very busy lately but i'm very glad to know your offer still stands because I'm going to need it. :D

@Comichero: lol that was foward. i dont know what to say.

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This is a good page and act least Haruhi is not looking at the woman with the red dress. Also It is not a chick flick either.
I have been busy making preparations for thanksgiving and also got to see two really good movies with my GF i went and saw Skyfall the james bond movie and i also went and saw Wreck It Ralph i would have to say i prefer Wreck It Ralph more. I also have been doing other things.

I fell bad for those of you that like Hostess brand snacks like Twinkies

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@Neko Hime: i don't think Haruhi would do that because he likes Minako.

That's nice you went to go see the movie Wreck it Ralph, I keep seeing the preview but for some reason I'm not interested. But i do know my father will be very excited about 007(skyfall) James bond is like one of his favorite movies to watch.
why do you feel bad for ppl who like Hostess brand snacks like Twinkies ??

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