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Yeah i apologize for this page because i got lazy when it came to the background ppl and it was a whole lot of work so i simplified it.
But you still get to see Minako and Haruhi in detail so it's all good. And oh, Haruhi likes action movies because Hinori enjoys action movies but she's not that enthusiastic like Haruhi when she talks about it.

i wonder where their relationship will go from here onwards O.o

More fan arts have been added to the fan page. Fan arts by awesome ppl. If you have a fan art and would like to have it posted, feel free to contact me and I will gladly post it. I want more fanarts guys!!



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@Tanako: Well i fell bad for them is because Hostess brand closed completely so there will be no more unless someone buys it and makes more but it all just depends on the buyer.

That was how my girlfriend acted after the James bond film she was really enthusiastic about it.

I also wonder where there relationship will go i just hope they can stay together through good times and bad times.

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AWEEEE i love her and i like how she took into acount his feeling its an equal relationship not just him trying to impress her

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@Neko Hime: ahh that sucks. i don't think i will miss it because i never ate it anyway.

lol that's funny, so i guess you were more like Minako. My father is a HUGE fan of James bond so i see where your girlfriend is coming from. My father I'm sure has watched ALL the James bond movie lol, he knows about all of them.

Their relationship seems to be going in a smooth path right now, i just hope it does remain that way as well.


@ renchikolul: haha, yea that's thoughtful of her.

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I like your art style. And it's not necessary to draw the back ground in detail. That is not important for the story.
I would like to point out, though, that in this update, both Minako and Haruhi look like they are yelling at each other. Maybe you want to try drawing their mouths a little less wide open?

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@Tanako: Well Dasiy you know my postion on the matter I want them both to go all as to the your self professed laziness well not that i really see it wide angel shoots like th first panel dont normally have so much detail tha tyoucan make out the drand of clothes people are wearing and or faces so no worries hun besides we all need a lazy day from time to time heck even god rested on the seventh day

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@Guest: thanks for taking the time in reading my work :)
i didn't realize that minako and haruhi's face looked like they were yelling at each-other because thats not what i was going for. i guess i'll pay more attention to that next time. :D

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@Comichero: yea when i drew that page honestly i didn't even feel like drawing the people but if i want to get better as an artist i dont have much of a choice than to draw the people. you are right, as long as you can see their cloths. pants and hair i think its okay. but seriously, next time i will put a bit more detail. i'm currently learning how to draw prospective from a friend so i guess i can apply what i've learned to bwas as well.

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@Tanako: Hmm probable not more like Minako. Since my gf is the one that took me to go see skyfall and planned the whole date. Plus i didn't expose my bewbs like Minako did ,but long sleeve over-sized sweaters have there uses. I got distracted at times while watching skyfall because there was only couples in the theater and all most all of them were making out hardcore,but me and my gf and a older couple. I also kept hearing a random girl-guy couple talk about me and weird fantasies of things they wanted to do to me while they were making out. Me and my gf wanted to beat up that couple so bad but we didn't want to ruin our date so we didn't plus we didn't want to get in trouble with the constable at the movie theater.

I am not going to miss them either since i never ate them. However people that are obsessed with them like that character in Zombieland are in trouble. Also if they are never made again and kids watch those shows or movies several years from now that have Hostess brands in them they won't understand.

Sorry about that rant.

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@Neko Hime: yea, me saying your like minako was more like in reaction to the movie not like her literally. but it is good to take your GF out every once in a while. so im guessing she more like the dominant one or are the roles shared? if that a personal question feel free not to answer because i don't want to make you uncomfortable in any way :D

Anyways, yeah people who did watch that movie and ate Twinkie because of it are in trouble lol i can't imagine what they would do without it.

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